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Sparepart for LDK4640 / OCP400, IRIS potmeter, 53SAD-U22-B15L


This potmeter is used in the Grass Valley OCP 400 / LDK 4640 Series  Operational Control Panels to adjust/control the IRIS opening of the lens.


This would be the logical Spare part to exchange if you experience inacurate or unstabel IRIS settings during movements of the IRIS lever control on the OCP.

IRIS Potmeter for OCP400 / LDK 4640 Series

SKU: 53SAD-U22-B15L
PriceFrom €39.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • 3 different Price/Pcs. Selections to choose from:


    P/N: 53SAD-U22-B15L-1:

    Lot with 1 Potmeter.


    P/N: 53SAD-U22-B15L-5:

    Lot with 5 Potmeters.


    P/N: 53SAD-U22-B15L-10:

    Lot with 10 Potmeters.

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