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Latest Features ( Sw.v. 10.32 )*


  • Nikon Z9 N-Raw format with N-Log colorspace and Nikon Z9 ProRes RAW support
  • 8K Support: EDIUS X Pro can create, edit and export projects in resolutions up to 8K (before only Workgroup)
  • Extended Copy Clip Attribute Function: Paste attributes to multiple clips
  • Extended Copy Clip Attribute Function: Copy and paste clip color
  • Extended HLS format editing and export (Amazon S3)
  • Full support for 12th Gen Intel CPUs with massive performance gain

  • H.265 10bit 4:2:2 hardware decoding with Intel QuickSync on 12th Gen Intel CPUs
  • Intel QuickSync Optimization for 11th and 12th Gen Intel CPUs
  • Improved performance of MP3 and AAC audio file export
  • Format support for new Canon EOS R5 C and C70 Canon Cinema RAW Light
  • Format support for GoPro HERO 10
  • Extended paste clip attributes feature for gain, offset and audio channel
  • Support of EDIUS Hub Server Environment for external rendering – more info about this option is coming soon
  • Added GV Render Engine icon in the taskbar to pause background services – e.g. to update a plug-in
  • Added an option to release the video hardware when EDIUS is inactive
  • Windows 11 support


Free Download

  • Audio plug-in: Acon Digital — Compress/DeNoise/ DeVerberate/Limit EDIUS Editions
  • Video Transition/Effect plug-in: ProDAD — Vitascene V4 EDIUS Edition
  • Titler: New Blue — Titler Pro 7 for EDIUS X
  • OFX Plug-in Bridge


Minimum System Requirements

CPU: CPU with AVX2 support: Intel 4th Gen or newer or equivalent AMD CPU*
Memory: 8 GB RAM or more | for 4K projects 16 GB or more *
Hard Disk: 6 GB of hard disk space for installation, fast drive for video storage
Graphics Card: 1 GB VRAM or more | for 4K projects 2 GB or more *
Sound Card: Sound card with WDM driver support
Network: Internet connection required for initial software license activation, thereafter once per month to maintain usage | Offline activation and usage possible for EDIUS X Workgroup
OS: Windows 10 64-bit version 1903 or later Changes can be made at any time without notice.

* Please visit EDIUS.NET for more details / all Features


EDIUS X Pro "Home Edition"

PriceFrom €229.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • The EDIUS X Pro "Home Edition" has the following limitations:

    • Only for private use (for commercial usage, the regular version is needed)
    • Only 1 PC can be activated at the same time (regular version: 2 activations)
    • Not upgradeable to EDIUS 11 with a regular upgrade (only with Jump Upgrade)




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