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The Jupiter S100 router control panel is a feature-rich, button-per-source panel. 

With up to 100 sources directly available in just 2 RU, this is the highest density


Add to this a host of additional functions and the high-resolution displays to provide detailed status and you have a powerful BPS solution.


The S100 panel can be used to launch sequences.

Each button can be programmed to trigger a sequence, allowing the panel to be deployed as a reconfiguration selector with each button setting up a programmed set of paths.


Menu mode for local reprogramming:

— Local configuration and operating modes can be changed from the panel itself

— Suitable for use in changing environments

— Removes the need for access to central configuration system


JUP-CP-S100-AC AC power supply is included.



This Control panel is for use with JUP-CM-4000/4400 Control units with the AccuSwitch (AS) or JUP-SW-4000 software only.


Jupiter Control Panel S100

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