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The Jupiter/Encore JEP100 router control panel is a is a locally-programmable, eight-character mnemonic, full-matrix control, multiple level break away panel.


Also included in this panel are 14 GPI/IN ports for joystick override applications (a joystick such as found on a camera control unit (CCU) can be used to select a camera for QC evaluation).


With up to 96 sources directly available in just 2 RU, this is a high density panel.

some or all buttons can be re-assigned to new inputs at any time using only the panel itself. The keys can alternatively be used to control outputs or levels.


The JEP100 panel can also be used to launch sequences or even trigger them via the GPI Ports

Connections to the panel can either be Serial or CAT5 



This Control panel is for use with JUP-CM-4000/4400 Control units and not for the VM3000 Systems controller.


Jupiter/Encore Control Panel JEP100

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