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KaleidoX Router Option KXO-24HD-ROUTER


24 Outputs HD/SD- SDI router module.

The Kaleido-X system features built-in routing which eliminates the need for separate routing in control rooms, and provides a significant cost saving.
These router outputs can be used to feed high-quality monitors, test equipment such as waveform scopes, as well as ISO recorders. The outputs can even feed other multiviewers.

The router outputs can be controlled by the on-screen mouse menus, a NVISION remote panel, and by the iRouter application. Additionally, the outputs can be selected by a production switcher’s auxiliary bus controls.

The built-in router improves integration, and reduces cabling and equipment costs. The routing capability
eliminates the need for a separate router for the following applications:



KaleidoX Router Option KXO-24HD-ROUTER

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