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This is the Grass Valley Karrera OLED Assy (P/N:050351900) for the Karrera Panels.

They are used in the Karrera Panels as source, emem and menu display and also in the AUX  modules.

In general these Displays "fade out" or "Burn in" with time.


Qty. discount will be applied upon Qty selection

It is the original used yellow background OLED display and it includes the display mounting support.


These displays can be easily exchanged by your technical Staff.

More info about the exchange procedure or any replacement assistance/service needed?

Send an email to   


Karrera Control Panel OLED Display (P/N:050351900)

PriceFrom €65.00
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Karrera OLED Source Assembly


    Quantity Discounts available, just select the Qty. needed.

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