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Kayak SD/HD ME Board, fits in all Kayak SD/HD & Kayak XL Frames and some early versions of the Karerra and Kayenne Frames.


This ME board can be used to replace the ME Board versions with P/N:671-6631-00, P/N:771-0061-00, P/N:771-0390-01 and P/N:771-0061-01


This board can also be offered as an Exchange, in this case (upon return of an faulty ME Board) 25% discount will be applied, if applicable please send an email to  



This board can also be used to expand an existing Kayak Frame with an additional ME row and 24 additional Inputs and 12 Outputs.

Note: when used as an expantion board, also an additional "ME expantion" software option is needed. For more info how to obtain the ME expantion option, please send an email to





Kayak ME Board

SKU: 771-0390-00
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  • Used Kayak ME Board, P/N:771-0390-00

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