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LDK 4000 HDTV Camera head.

Single-format HD camera configured as 1080i 50/60Hz


The LDK 4000 model offers the highest picture quality available,
in fact the same quality as the popular LDK 6000 WorldCam, but it is designed for small- to medium-sized broadcasters, digital production studios, and media-creation companies that have decided on a single format for their HD productions.


Three 9.2-million pixel HD-DPM+™ CCDs within the LDK 4000
camera ensure the highest quality image capture, and 12-bit
analog-to-digital conversion takes that quality to the digital
domain. Two dedicated digital signal processors (DSPs), utilizing
22-bit processing, perform all major camera functions such as
gamma, knee, contour, and variable matrix. The camera also
contains powerful colorimetry and color matching capabilities.


LDK4000 HD Camera Head

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