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For sports and events coverage the use of large zoom lenses is a common requirement. The SuperXpander acts as a large lens adapter, rapidly converting a portable Triax camera into a mobile production system.


Before installing the SuperXpander, check the camera model compatibility and minimum software status as indicated in the List


LDK 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 (SD) cameras Status 16 or higher

LDK 4000 camera Status 3 or higher

LDK 5000 HD-prepared camera Status 9 or higher

LDK 6000 HD camera Status 28 or higher

LDK 6200 HD high speed camera Status 6 or higher

LDK 8000 HD camera Status 2 or higher

LDK 8300 HD high speed camera no minimal status

LDK 4000 Elite HD camera no minimal status

LDK 8000 Elite HD camera no minimal status


The SuperXpander comes with LEMO 3T TRIAX Connectors

GV LDK4488 SuperXpander (Large Lens Adaptor)

SKU: LDK 4488/16
Excluding Sales Tax
  • LDK4488-LEMO-3T

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