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The professional LEDI® clocks can display the same time information, synchronized by a master clock or a time server.
Display date and time alternate


The LEDI® clock has its own temperature compensated TCXO time base which allows an accuracy about 0.1 sec / day between 0° to 40°C in case of synchronization loss.


• Perfectly silent, direct and accurate reading of time.
• SMD bi-colour LED technology allows to change the display colour in red, green or yellow
• The patented technology of the light guide provides a perfect regularity of the brightness and viewing angle at 160 °
• The front face of the LEDI® is coated with an antiglare and anti-scratch film giving an extraordinary 60000 : 1 level of contrast.
• An black anodized aluminium case wall mount or flush mount
• A protection against over-voltage and industrial interference via EMC filter
• An easy "plug and play" installation
• Its participation in the sustainable development life span over 20 years.
• 2 years warranty
• Up to 10 brightness levels for optimal viewing
• Remote and batch configuration via the optional "remote configuration" software
• Selection of colours (independently between wave and numbers) and brightness
• Behaviour of central dots (fixed, blinking…)

• Synchronisation of up to 3 NTP servers
• Time zone selection and automatic summer/winter time change
• Supervision by SNMP v1, v2.c
• Configurations accessible via http and/or https
• IPv4 / IPv6 protocols

LEDI® 7.60.S Indoor / Single face (incl. POE Adaptor)

SKU: N365/N1107
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Power supply

    NTP Version: PoE (Power over Ethernet

    Certifications CE, EN 62368, EN 55032, ROHS
    IP 30
    MTBF 46 267 h

    Display: 5 min

    CPU: 5 min'Power supply: 5 min

    Weight 2,9 kg
    Dimension 390x390x62mm (LxHxD)
    Digit height

    Hour/minute: 70mm

    Seconds: 50mm

    Wave of secondes: 60 points

    Maximal distance 

    of legibillity

    35 meters



    -20 to +50 degees Celcius

    bi-colour LED

    red, green


    Red: 245 mcd, green: 780 mcd

    (reading angle: 160 degrees)




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